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How To Use The Fasting Tracker

Muslim Pro offers a fasting tracker feature so users can easily track their fasting history whether it’s in Ramadan or any other months of the year.

To track your fast :

  1. Tap the [Tracker] icon from the quick panel


Or Press [More] > [Tracker]


2. Muslim Pro has two kinds of personal trackers which can be used for 'Praying' and 'Fasting'. Choose button [Fasting] on right bottom of the page. 


3. Click [Yes] if you would like to be reminded to fast each day or [No Thanks] if you don’t.


4. Select the date you’ve fasted and click [Yes]. Click the clock icon to go back to previous years of Ramadan.


5. In Ramadan, you will be able to track your fasting days. It will be a helpful feature when you want to review the days on which you fasted and you don't. Click on the [Notes] column in order to input any notes on any particular fasting/ non-fasting days.


Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at and we will be glad to assist you.


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