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New Livestream Feature Introduced to Qalbox


We're excited to announce the introduction of a new livestreaming feature in Qalbox! This innovative addition is designed to enhance your user experience and provide you with even more ways to connect, engage, and enjoy our content.

The livestreaming feature allows you to watch real time sessions and contents directly on Qalbox. Livestreaming makes you feel more connected to the content and communities you love.

Here’s how you can navigate your way into the Livestreaming Content:

Navigate to the main page in the app, then tap on [Live] icon in the Quickpanel.
If a live event is available, it will take you to the live player. If no live event is currently available, it will direct you to the Qalbox Live Rail.

Live Stream .png

To view upcoming live events, navigate to [Videos] page in the app. You will see upcoming live events listed in the [Stream] section three days before they begin.

Live Stream.jpgLivestreaming events starting in less than an hour will appear in the event thumbnails. Upcoming livestreams scheduled to begin in more than an hour will be displayed in the [Stream] section.

Live Stream (1).jpg

On the day of the Livestream, the live thumbnail will appear in the main page in the app  an hour before the streaming begins.

Live Stream (2).jpg

For events starting in less than an hour, a countdown in hours, minutes, and seconds will be displayed on [Stream] page. 

Live Stream (3).jpg

Once the countdown ends, the streamer will prepare to go live.

Live Stream (4).jpg

Now, you’re ready to tap on [Watch Live] button and enjoy the live content!

Live Stream (5).jpg


When livestreaming is ongoing, the Live thumbnail on the homepage will be highlighted in red. You can click on the [Live] thumbnail to watch.

Live Stream (6).jpg

Upon clicking on it, you will be directed to enter the livestream event.
You can have live interactions by tapping on [Interact] to leave comments while watching the livestream.

Live Stream (7).jpg

To switch to landscape mode, tap on the full screen icon on bottom right. 

Live Stream (8).jpg

You can now comfortably view the livestream content in landscape mode and toggle for live comments. Simply tap on [Exit Live] to leave the page.

Live Stream (9).jpg

After the livestream ends, tap on [Back to Qalbox] to return.

Live Stream (10).jpg

You can watch a replay of the livestream content once it is available in the Videos page under [Rail] section.

Live Stream (11).jpg

Feel free to tap on [Watch Replay] to enjoy the content with your friends and family at your convenience.

Live Stream (13).jpg


What happens if there is an error?

If an error occurs, you may encounter a message indicating the issue. In case of an error page this could be due to a network error or fetching error, do select the [Back to Browse] button and you will be redirected to Qalbox landing page.

Live Stream (14).jpg

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