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Welcome to Our community of writers and content creators! Bitsmedia Holdings Ltd, its subsidiaries, affiliates and associated companies are the publisher and developer of the Muslim Pro app, owners and/or controllers of,, and websites and operator and controller of the Qalbox service (“We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Bitsmedia”). We are committed to maintaining a respectful and engaging environment that fosters the exchange of valuable ideas and knowledge. To ensure the content aligns with Our brand values and is of high quality, We have established the following guidelines for content submissions.

Please make sure to follow these Community Guidelines, the Bitsmedia Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, to ensure an engaging, safe, respectful and enjoyable experience for everyone. These Community Guidelines may be updated from time to time so We encourage you to check it occasionally.

Note that the content posted on Bitsmedia represents the opinions of individual members of the Bitsmedia community and not of Bitsmedia. Bitsmedia does not endorse any of the opinions expressed by members of the Bitsmedia community.


By contributing and/or publishing any content anywhere on Bitsmedia, you agree to:

1. Do’s:

a. Original and Unique Content

We highly value original and unique content. Please ensure that your content is your own creation and provide proper citations when referencing external sources.

b. Relevance and Applicability

Readers can benefit more from content that is relevant and applicable. By providing relevant insights and perspective, your content can encourage positive discussion too.

c. Respectful and Inclusive Language

We highly encourage using respectful and inclusive language in all content.

d. Credible Sources

Reliable content requires credibility. To increase the credibility of your article, include credible sources and references when there is any.

e. Proper Formatting and Structure

Present your content in a clear and organized manner. We suggest you have an introduction, body and conclusion as a starting point.

 f. Appropriate Length

Content should be 1500 words maximum. Aim for a balance between depth and conciseness.

g. Copyright and Intellectual Property

Ensure that you obtain permission and/or copyrights rights to the images, graphics, and/or multimedia used in the content. Violating a copyright can happen when you, for example, take other's creative work and alter it, pass it off as your own or post it in other locations without the proper permissions. We ask that you:

  1. Refrain from posting any content that belongs to someone else without permission. You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone's intellectual property (software, video, audio, images, etc.), or for breaking any other law.
  2. Respect the copyrights and other legal and intellectual property rights of others.
  3. Ensure that you do not plagiarize or otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights of others, especially if you intend to use non-original work.


2. Don’ts:

a. Promotional or Commercial Content

We do not accept content that is promotional or excessively self-promotional in nature. Avoid mentioning products or organizations.

b. Political or Controversial

We do not accept content that is overtly political, controversial, or potentially offensive. This includes content that is sensitive to the Muslim community and which can be potentially divisive.

c. Debating the practices and laws of Islam

We do not accept content that debate or discuss practices and Islamic law.

d. False information

We do not accept content that contains false information and spreads misinformation to the masses.

e. Promote violence and hate towards others

We do not accept content that supports or praises terrorism, organized crime, hate groups, or one sect over another. This includes content that encourages violence or attacks anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disabilities, or diseases.

f. Use strong language and graphic images

We do not accept content that uses strong language and graphic images regardless of its intent.

g. Frauds and Scams

We do not allow attempts to defraud or scam members of our community.


3. Other Matters to Take Note

a. Proofreading and Editing

We encourage you to proofread and edit your content before submission to ensure clarity, coherence, and correct grammar and spelling. Bitsmedia has the right to edit the content where necessary to ensure content is of high quality and aligns with Our values.

b. Content Moderation

Our internal content moderation team will review all submitted content to ensure compliance with Our Community Guidelines. Any content that violates Our Community Guidelines may be rejected or removed without prior notice.

c. Ownership of content

All content will be owned by Bitsmedia in perpetuity. We are open to include your name as the author and you are welcome to be anonymous as well. However, We will have the right to remove the name when necessary without justification.

d. Violations of Community Guidelines

Bitsmedia retains the right to remove user content at any time, and to suspend and/or delete user accounts that violate Our Community Guidelines without prior notice. It is in Our absolute discretion to decide when a user has violated Our Community Guidelines.


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