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I tried searching for more questions, but I'm restricted to posting a maximum of three questions per day. Is there a way to increase this limit?

For users utilizing the "free plan" and subscribed solely to "Muslim Pro premium," a maximum of three questions per session is permitted. To extend this limit, upgrading to the new premium package is required. Alternatively, users have the option to view advertisements in exchange for three additional questions.

Reach Limit (3).png

For Free/Premium Users without full entitlement (Only MP or QB access):

  • Users can promptly input questions directly into the dashboard. However, a limitation of 3 questions per session applies. To exceed this limit, users must upgrade to premium or engage with a rewarded ad for an additional 3 questions (this process is reiterated for each rewarded ad).Reach Limit (2).png

For Premium Users with full entitlement (MPQB):

  • Premium Users with full entitlement (MPQB) possess the capability to input questions directly into the dashboard without delay. Unlike Free or Premium accounts lacking full entitlement, no session constraints are imposed. Nevertheless, to ensure optimal performance, a brief intermission is initiated after approximately 30 inquiries within one hour. Subsequently, prompts become accessible again following the designated break interval.

Should you encounter any issues and require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at for additional support.

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