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Quran - For Me 


The For Me section on the Quran page is where users can find everything related to what they do when reading Surah. This allows you to access your reading history, create playlists, browse bookmarked ayas, and find the written notes—all in one convenient location.


Here are the details of each navigations you can make use of: 


1. History 

1.1 Surah View

If you tap on the [Surah Name], you’ll be prompted to your last reading. If you wish to go back to your history page, you can tap on the [Tap Back] button.  

For me .png

1.2 Delete History


If you wish to delete your history, you can tap on [...] and press on [Delete], you’ll receive a confirmation pop up. You can tap on [Cancel] to keep this history or [Delete] to confirm. If your deletion is unsuccessful, please make sure you are connected to an Internet connection and try again. 


Quran For Me (1).png


1.3 Create Playlist 


With the history of your readings, you are able to create a Playlist. Like in the example below, if you have read Surah Al-Fatihah and some Ayas of Surah Al-Baqara on 31/08/2023, you can tap on [...], then click on [Create Playlist].

You will then be able to add a cover for the playlist by pressing on [+], name the playlist, add a description and even add Suras by tapping [+ Add Surahs].

Quran For Me 2 (1).png


2. Playlist 

2.1 Create a Playlist 

From the Playlist tab, you can create a new playlist and make it easier for you to have a personalized experience through your Quran Journey. 

You can tap on [+] to add a Cover for your playlist, you can name the playlist by tapping the [Playlist Name] box. Please note Playlist name is mandatory in order to create a playlist. 

You can also add a description to your playlist by clicking on the [Playlist Description] box, then you are able to add Surahs by pressing on [+ Add Surahs]


Playlist 1.png


2.2 Add Surahs 

You will be prompted to the Surahs list, if you wish to add the full Surah to your playlist, you can tap on [+] as shown below. To select some Ayas from a Surah, tap on [>] and you’ll be prompted to the Aya list. Please tap on [+] to select the Aya you wish to add into your playlist. 

Playlist 2.png


You can also have a quick view of the Ayas you wish to add by tapping on the [Eye] icon, then you can press [Close] to go back to the Aya list page. 


Playlist 3.png


Once you’ve selected your ayas for your playlist, you can press on [Done] and [Play] to start listening to your playlist. 



2.3 Edit Playlist 

If you wish to update your playlist, you can press on [Edit] and select to [Add Surahs] or to [Reorder] your playlist.  


Playlist 6.png

Once you’ve reorder your playlist, you can tap on [Done] and [Update Playlist]

Playlist 7.png

2.4 Delete a Playlist 


If you wish to delete one of your playlists, you can press on the [Dustbin] icon and confirm it by clicking on [Delete] button. 

Playlist 7.png

3. Bookmark 

In [Bookmark] section, you’ll be able to find the bookmarks you’ve created throughout your Quran Journey. You can access the Ayah and Surah by pressing on it.



4. Notes 

In [Notes] section, you can find all the notes you’ve created while reading the Quran. You can press on it to review it. 

5. Read 

In [Read] section, you are able to find all the Ayas you’ve checkmarked. To access the Aya, you can press on it. 


6. Daily Verse

In [Daily Verse] section, you can find the verse of the day for you to read. In order to read it, you can tap on the verse. If you wish to checkmark them all at once, you can press on [Mark as all read] and confirm it by pressing again on [Mark as all read].                                  

Daily Verse.png

7. Popular 

In [Popular] section, you’ll be able to find all the favorites Surah and Ayas read by the community. You can access the Surah or the Aya by pressing on it.





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