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Quran Navigations

We're thrilled to introduce the release of our enhanced Quran feature on Muslim Pro, aimed at enriching your Quran experience like never before.


Within the updated Quran interface, you'll discover various navigational options available while on the Surah page.

Here, you'll find valuable guidance to enhance your Quranic journey through improved navigation.


1. Swipe down or Swipe up 


By scrolling down or up, you’ll be able to navigate through the Suras and Ayas. 


Nav 1.png

2. Tap on Aya 


If you tap on [...] from an Aya on the List View Mode, four options will appear : [Learn], [Memorise], [Playlist] and [Share]. 


Nav 2.png


3. Long Press 


If you do a long press on aya, you’ll be able to [Copy], [Highlight], [Share] or [Translate]. Please note that if you select [Highlight], the following button will appear [Remove Highlight]. 


Nav 3.png


4. Tap on coloured aya to see Tajweed information. 


If you tap on the coloured aya, you’ll find additional information about Tajweed attached to it. 


Nav 4.png


Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at 

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