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Quran Immerse - Easy Listening mode 

Muslim Pro introduces a new Easy Listening mode as part of our Quran features. This mode allows users to just listen to the Quran without the need to read it


You can access this feature through Today page and All Features page. 


Access Immerse from All Features page


1. From Today page, tap on [More].


2. The [Immerse] feature is under the [Deen] section. 


Access Immerse from Today page


1. From Today page, tap on the [Quran] menu and choose the [Read] section. 


2. In order to start the Easy Listening mode, tap on the [ear] icon next to settings.  

Easy1 listening.png

3. If you have not completed the onboarding process, you’ll be prompted to the following page and tap on [Bismillah, Start listening]. 

Easy listening 2.png


4. You’ll be able to choose the [Sura] and [Aya] and tap on [Play] for quick listening mode as shown in the example below. 

                 Easy listening 3.png

5. If you wish to change your Quran reciter, please press on the name of the reciter at bottom right of your screen and choose another reciter. Please note that you are required to subscribe to Muslim Pro Premium in order to select another reciter. 


Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at 

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