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Quran Discover


Explore Quranic Sura and Aya, and more through search on Quran Discover


Quran Discover is a feature designed to emphasize a dedicated search bar and highlight essential navigations within the Quran section of the app. It facilitates convenient access to diverse Quran-related content, including Quran-related video materials, and navigations to Read, Learn, Daily Deen, and Daily Verse sections.


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This feature serves multiple purposes:


Comprehensive Search: The feature-wide search bar allows users to swiftly locate any Quran-related content. Whether you're seeking a particular sura, aya, or hadith, simply input your query into the search bar for instant results.


Access to Multimedia Resources: This provides links to Quran-related video content, enriching your understanding through visual and auditory resources. These videos may include recitations, films, shorts, documentary, discussions, and more, offering diverse perspectives and insights.

Navigation to Various Sections: Additionally, the feature facilitates convenient navigations to different sections such as Read, Learn, Daily Deen, and Daily Verse. This ensures easy exploration of additional Quranic content, educational resources, daily reflections, and more. 


This functionality will also enable you to access your search history or review previous searches for convenient reference whenever needed.


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When conducting a search, you may come across results like ‘Daily Deen’, among others. When you tap on such a result, it will direct you to a specialized page within MuslimPro. This provides an opportunity to delve into specific Ayas and Suras in detail, fostering deeper immersion and comprehension.


If you're having trouble accessing the Sura section, it may be because you're not logged in to your account. Please ensure you have an active Internet connection and try logging in again to your Muslim Pro account.


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