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Quran - Sura Information

Sura Information 


This new feature provides you insights into every Sura, enhancing your interactions with the Quran by deepening your understanding of its teachings. 


Sura Information allows you to delve deeper into the background, key themes, and significance of every Sura, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the Quran's teachings.


Sura Information Feature


To access the sura information on the Quran page,


  1. When you're in the Read section on the Quran page, you'll see a list of all the Suras. Swipe left on any Surah to uncover the Info, Playlist and Share actions. Simply tap the Info [i] icon to access the information of the Sura. 

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  1. When you’re reading a Sura in the Quran, tap the info [i] icon located at the top right corner of the screen.


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After tapping on the info (i) icon, you will be directed to the Sura info page, 

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In this section, you'll find information on various aspects:

General Information:

This section typically provides fundamental details about the Sura, such as its name, its placement in the Quranic order, the number of ayas it contains, and potentially its revelation history (whether it was revealed in Mecca or Medina).

Themes & Topics:

You’ll discover insights into the key themes and subjects addressed within the Sura. For instance, it may delve into whether the Sura predominantly focuses on matters of faith, morality, guidance, historical events, or legal principles.


Hadith Excerpt:

This area may feature excerpts or references to relevant Hadiths that offer additional context pertaining to the Sura.


Video and Article:

You may also find multimedia materials like related videos or articles, if available, which provide further exploration or connection to the content of the Sura.


If you're having trouble accessing the Sura section, it may be due to not being logged in to your account. Please ensure you have an active Internet connection and attempt to log in to your Muslim Pro account again.


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