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The Quran Read Section is a dedicated section within the Muslim Pro app designed to facilitate and enhance your experience with the Quran. In this section, you'll find a range of tools and resources to you need to begin your journey of reading or listening to the Quran. 


When you tap on the Read tab on the Quran page, it will display a list of available Suras and Juz. You have the option to switch between displaying the list by Sura or Juz View. At the top of the list, you can initiate reading or listening to any Sura, or begin your khatam Reading Plan.


Before reading the Quran, you can select and download recitations by various reciters if you are a premium users for easy access to offline playback. For non premium users, the reciter option will be limited. 



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Within the page of each Sura, you'll find translations and transliterations, along with details such as the Sura's status and aya number. You can tap the [play] button to listen or tap the [checkmark] when you finish reading an aya.




Additionally, you can access Tajweed information by highlighting on the colored Ayas.


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List View Mode

Please refer to this article for guidance on navigating our Quick Panel tools.

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