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Quran Text and Voice Search

How do you search Al-Quran using the search bar and voice command?

In order to improve the user experience when utilizing Quranic features, especially in searching for specific aya or juz, we added an advanced search functionality accessible through both text input and voice command.


1. Find specific aya through the search bar on the Quran page

To find specific suras or ayas, start by tapping on the [Quran] feature in Today's page at the bottom of the page. This action will direct you to the Quran section.

Homepage - Quran.png

Once there, you'll notice a prominently displayed search bar, typically marked by a magnifying glass icon and a microphone button. This search bar lets you quickly find specific suras or aya within the Quran page.

Search Bar.png


You can enter the sura or aya you wish to find directly into the search bar.


Search Bar (2).png

There will be four different results options, with the default one displaying all results. These results include suras or ayas and other related content, such as videos and articles. Additionally, if you've previously searched for suras or ayas, the app may display some of your past search history, making it even easier to revisit specific passages.



Using Voice Command (3).png

2. Find specific aya through the Voice Command

Next to the search bar, users will notice a microphone symbol for voice search. This feature is also accessible within the Discover section of the Quran page. For more information about the Discover feature, please refer to the article: "Quran Discover."

Once you tap on that, additional windows will appear, allowing you to choose your preferred language to ensure you receive the correct suras or ayas. Currently, you have the option to receive information in English and Arabic.



Search Bar (3).png



After selecting your preferred language, you'll spot the microphone button right in the centre, ready to listen to your every word. Give it a tap and hold the button, then mention the suras or ayas you're looking for. The results will display the suras in the language you selected earlier. And if you need to search for something different, don't worry! There's a retry button conveniently located on the same page.


Using Voice Command.png

Once you hold the button, a stop button will appear while the system recognises the words from your voice. Tap the stop button once the sura that you want to search appears on your screen.


Using Voice Command (2).png

Once the result appears, it will show you all the content and articles related to your search. You'll also have the option to provide feedback about the voice command feature to let us know any issues you may have.



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