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Getting Started with Ask AiDeen

What is AiDeen?

Ask AiDeen is an Artificial Intelligence bot designed to support Muslims at all stages of their spiritual journey. Understanding the diverse needs of the global Muslim community, Ask AiDeen offers the convenience of accessing religious guidance and educational content anytime, anywhere.

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Core Features of Ask AiDeen

Generative AI Technology: At the heart of Ask AiDeen is advanced AI technology, capable of answering Islamic queries with authority and wisdom. This technology ensures that responses are not only immediate but also deeply rooted in the authentic teachings of Islam, drawing from the Quran and thousands of verified Hadith.

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Ask AiDeen is more than a digital platform; it's a companion in your journey of faith.

What Device Can I Use to Access AiDeen?

Upon logging into the Muslim Pro app, it is accessible on all iOS and Android devices.

Is it accessible in other languages?

Currently, it is only available in English. 

Can I share the result of the chatbot/response generated?

The sharing is only for the 'Ask AiDeen' feature, not for sharing individual answers.Sharing this feature will generate a link that redirects users to the corresponding in-app experience. This sharing is designed to guide users to better explore the feature within the app itself

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Feedback and Privacy

How should I give feedback if there's any response from Ask AiDeen that doesn't really answer my question?

Should you find the responses provided by Ask AiDeen insufficient in addressing your query, you have the option to select the thumbs-down icon. Upon doing so, you will be prompted to share your feedback regarding the responses. Your input is integral to our ongoing efforts aimed at enhancing and refining the capabilities of our AI chatbot.

Alternatively, you can also click on the flag icon. This is to let us know if the feedback or answers you receive don't meet your needs or expectations. 

This feedback would help us improve your experience by pinpointing areas for enhancement and keeping the content relevant and valuable.

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Does Ask AiDeen ensure user privacy and data integrity?

Yes, Ask AiDeen is committed to user privacy, treating each query as a standalone interaction without retaining any memory of past inquiries. Content quality and appropriateness are monitored through diligent human oversight, safeguarding both accuracy and user privacy.


Should you encounter any issues and require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at for additional support.

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