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Premium Restoration Issue: Apple Private Relay Email

How do you rectify the premium restoration issue due to Apple's private relay email? 


Restoring a premium subscription can cause issues related to Apple's private relay email. This service utilizes automatically generated email addresses when sending emails to enhance user privacy by concealing the actual email address. However, this private relay email feature may lead to our systems being unable to detect the premium subscription, resulting in errors or failures during restoration.



Users facing this problem may have their accounts associated with a private relay email.


To address this issue, follow these steps:


1. Open the Muslim Pro app, then go to [Profile] and tap [Edit Profile].

2. Review the current login method employed in the app.

3. If Apple private relay email is in use, unhide your email address linked to your Apple ID.

4. You can create and manage Hide My Email addresses in Settings.

5. Go to Settings > [your name]

6. Tap iCloud

7. Select iCloud Mail 

8. Deactivate a Hide My Email address: Tap an address (below Create New Address), then tap Deactivate Email Address. After you deactivate the address, it no longer forwards emails to you.


9. Once the email is visible, try logging in again using the email and password option, not Apple ID.


This process should successfully restore your premium.


Additional Notes:

- In case you encounter a similar problem, you can directly use the email and password option.

- If the issue persists, consider creating a new account and contact We'll assist in transferring the premium from your old account to the new one.


Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you. 


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