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How to Redeem Your Muslim Pro Premium Activation Code?

Muslim Pro offers some premium activation codes for users who are eligible to activate the code. If you have received an activation code for a Premium account, please log in with your Muslim Pro account and enter the activation code to start your Premium account.


1. Please visit this website to activate:


  • Desktop view

Promo Code- Web.png

  • Mobile view

Promo Code- Phone.png





2. Sign In to your account through the available login method below:

    • Login with Email
    • Login with a Google Account
    • Login with an Apple ID account

3. The code given will be mixed between letters and numbers. You will input the code with your name and a box. Enter the Code. Carefully type or paste your code into the designated field.


4. Verify and Confirm: We advise you to Double-check the code for accuracy and click the "Submit"  button to confirm.


Promo Code- Phone (2).png

5. Enjoy Your Premium subscription. You will have full access to all premium features and Qalbox. 



Things to note: 

If issues occur when redeeming the code, check the error messages and contact us for assistance. You will find the reason why you can save the code, such as: 

  • The code has been redeemed before
  • The code has already expired
  • You have attempted to input too many times.
  • Your account still has an ongoing premium subscription.


Redeeming codes is simple, and hopefully, you will have an incredible journey with Muslim Pro and Qalbox and Extend your subscription to get more benefits from our features and content. Don't hesitate to redeem your codes and enjoy the Premium Features in Muslim Pro. 


Moreover, Facebook and Phone Number login is currently unavailable in the app. As a result, we suggest logging in using the possible login methods such as email, Google ID, and Apple ID. 


Should you encounter any problems during the redemption process, kindly contact us at 

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