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Why is my Quran translation missing?

Is your translation lost after updating the app?

If you are facing quran translation lost issue after app update, read this article to solve the issue.


1. Go to the [Quran] page and click on any Sura


2. Within the Sura page, tap the [Gear] icon to access the settings.




3. Then, select the [View All Quran Settings] option to access all Quran settings.

4. Next, choose the Translation setting.

5. Within the translation setting, select your preferred language and download it.

6. If available, you can enable text-to-speech audio.

7. After the language has downloaded, check the box for the selected translation.

8. Ensure to switch to [List] view to display the translation.



Do you want to add or remove transliteration from the Quran reading page? You may refer here.

Should you require assistance, kindly email us at and we will be glad to assist you.

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