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The app is not playing the full Adhan (iOS / Android)

Full adhan on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad)

Notifications are limited to 30 seconds on Apple devices. In the mean time:

  • If the app is running in the foreground when the adhan goes off, it should play fully
  • You can use the 'Sleep Mode' to dim your screen and keep the app running while you sleep. This will allow you to get the full adhan in the morning provided that you have enabled the adhan for fajr (or for any other relevant prayer).
  • If the app is not running or active, Apple has unfortunately set a limit to 30 sec.

There is however a workaround to help you get the full adhan even if your app is not running: all you need to do is to launch the app from the notification you receive. Here is how to proceed:

  • iOS lets you select two types of notifications for each of your apps: banner or alert (this can be set from the Settings/ Notifications menu of your iOS device).
  • If the adhan notification appears in the 'Lock Screen' or 'Banner' or 'Notification Centre' of your iOS device, you can tap it directly to launch Muslim Pro and hear the adhan fully.
  • If you have selected [Alert], you should then see a [Full adhan] button on the notification alert. Just tap that button (you will need to swipe if your phone is lock) and it should launch the app and play the full adhan.

Full adhan on Android devices

Android notifications will automatically stop as soon as:

  • You receive another notification from another application (email, sms, Facebook, etc)
  • You pull down the notification menu from the Android status bar

Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.

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