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The adhan notifications are not working (iOS)

Adhan notifications on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

In order for you to receive and hear adhan notifications from the Muslim Pro application, please make sure to:

  • Enable Muslim Pro notifications for Sounds and Alerts (or Banners) in the main Settings/Notifications menu of your device.

1. Go to your app Settings of your iPhone/iPad and click on [Notifications]

2. Select the [Muslim Pro] app

3. Make sure that the notifications are allowed (the button should be green like on the screenshot below)


Then, Set the adhan reminders for the prayers of your choice by selecting a prayer name and/or time from the Prayer Time screen of the Muslim Pro application

To set it up:


1. Go to Settings > [Push Notifications]




2. Choose [Adhan Pereferences]


3. Turn on the [Push Notifications] button and do not forget to set the adhan sound for each prayer time. 



  • Check the volume level of your device and the position of the silence switch (the small hardware switch above the volume buttons of your device). If you are using an iPad and are using that switch for screen orientation, you may need to double-tap the home button and scroll to the left of the bottom icon bar to access the [sound/no sound] icon.

Finally, make sure you run the app at least once a week. Prayer time changes every day based on the position of the sun. We can therefore not set a recurring alarm (which would go off everyday at the same time) and need to set each adhan separately for everyday.

Pre-programming notifications in advance uses time, memory and battery. We therefore decided to program, everytime you run the app, adhan notifications for the next 10 days. If you run the app at least once a week, this is transparent to you.

If you have not run the app for 9 days, you should receive a notification to launch it. So if the adhan notification has stopped working for you, just launch the app and the issue should be fixed.

Notifications still not working on iOS? 

Do you still have an issue with the notifications despite all the checks? You can ask help on our online platform.

For notifications on Android, please read this article: The Adhan notifications are not working on Android.

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