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Some of the ad banners seem inappropriate for a Muslim application

Why there is advertising in the Muslim Pro app?

In order to support the development of the free version, we have decided to include ad banners and fullscreen ads in the application. We rely on third-party mobile advertising platforms and have selected the leading platforms to work with us.

All the platforms we use offer a variety of options to help us filter inappropriate ads from the following categories: adult content, alcohol, gambling and violence.

This is however a fully automated and computerised process which might still, from time to time, result in ad content which did not get filtered properly.


Why do I see inappropriate ads in the Muslim Pro app?

The Muslim Pro app is using automated ads/mediation system and the Muslim Pro team is actively blocking these inappropriate ads. However, some of these ads could bypass the filter sets even though such system have been implemented.


What to do if you see an ad which seems inappropriate? 

In such cases, please accept our apologies and feel free to contact us at with the name or description of the banner (a screenshot would be best).


Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.

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