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Mosques & Halal restaurant in Muslim Pro app

Muslim Pro is wrongly identifying some non-halal restaurants as halal and/or some places of worship from other religions as mosques.

We would like to inform that places (mosques & halal restaurants) are provided by Foursquare. You may use the Foursquare app or website to add new places or report incorrect ones.


We filter mosques identified as such (there is a mosque category on Foursquare). If a venue is wrongly categorised as halal or as a mosque on Foursquare, it will be reflected in Muslim Pro.

We also filter restaurants containing the word halal in their name or in the tag list associated with them on Foursquare.


Please keep in mind that the Muslim Pro team, together with our various partners, uses our best efforts to provide you with the most accurate information. Such information should however be treated as such and it is your sole responsibility to validate it should you feel the need to do so.


How do I add mosques and restaurants on the Muslim Pro app?

If you would like to add mosques and restaurants, please follow the instructions on the Foursquare web page to add a new venue from the web or the mobile application: Foursquare.

  • When adding a Mosque, please make sure to use the 'Mosque' category.
  • When adding a Halal place, make sure to indicate 'Halal' in the venue name.

How do I find mosques and halal restaurants on the Muslim Pro app?

To use the Mosque feature:

1. Tap on [More] on Today's page or home page and choose the [Mosque] icon under Deen category. 



2. Then, you will see a list of Mosques nearby. 


To use the Halal food feature:

1. Tap on [More] on Today's page or home page and choose [Halal] icon under Utility category. 


2. Fill in the search bar for the food place. You will see list of halal places near you. 




Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at help@muslimpro.comand we will be glad to assist you.

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