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How do i activate my Free Trial?

If you are a new Muslim Pro user and want to experience the app free trial for free without purchasing the Premium, read this article for more.

*Note that there are different types of free trial and users are only able to activate and experience each free trial ONCE


Experiencing Free Trial for New Users and Returning Users

For new Muslim Pro and Qalbox users, you will experience the app onboarding before seeing the Muslim Pro Premium page. Meanwhile for existing Muslim Pro Premium users, you will be prompted with the free trial pop-up at different touch points, more below.

1. Once you are done with the onboarding and you decided not to purchase our Muslim Pro Premium, click [x] to exit the Premium page


2. You will then see a new screen that promotes you to experience Muslim Pro and Qalbox premium for free.If you are interested to experience the Premium for free, click on the button that says [Claim Premium gift without payment]


3. If you are doubtful, you may click on the various Premium advantages that we offer for our Premium users; Watching Qalbox, additional Quran recitations and adhan voices & ads free app


4. If you already log in during the onboarding process, your free trial will be activated once you tap the button. However, if you have yet to create any account and are not logged in, you will be prompted to login before being able to claim the free trial.


5. You will be able to see the due date for your free trial once you’ve claimed the Premium gift



When will the Free Trial pop-up appear?

The pop-up appears differently for each type of user:

1. If you are a new user and downloaded the app for the first time, you might be able to see the free trial pop-up once you are done with the Muslim Pro app onboarding

2. Or you might be able to see the pop-up when you choose to remove ads when the [Too many ads?] pop-up appears


3. If you update the app, you might be able to see the free trial pop-up when you click [x] to exit the Muslim Pro Premium page




Does this only work for the app version? 

  • Yes activation is only available on app version but user will be able to experience the free version if they login using the same id to the web app version

Who is applicable to claim the gift trial?

  • The Premium gift trial is applicable to our guests users, free users and also our Muslim Pro ONLY users

Why am i not able to claim the gift trial?

  • The Premium Gift Trial offer is applicable for redemption ONCE per user.

Should you face other issues, kindly screenshot us the error along with your mobile device model, os version and app version at and the tech support team will assist you accordingly.


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