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The adhan notifications are not working (Vivo & Meizu devices)

For Muslim Pro users using Vivo & Meizu Devices (Vivo V5 such as any similar devices), the adhan notifications may not work properly unless you do the following changes.
You need to check through the following settings on your device after downloading the Muslim Pro app. By default the Smart Manager will be disable Auto Start and Run in Background for all the app downloaded from the Google Play Store. 
How to "Protect" Muslim Pro from the battery saver
Follow this process to protect the Muslim Pro app from the device battery saver manager which may restrict notifications by deleting or delaying them.
Battery Optimization
1. Go to [Settings]meizu_1.png2. Go to the [Battery] sectionmeizu_2.png3. Go to [Battery optimization]meizu_3.png4. Click on [Muslim Pro] in the battery saver listmeizu_4.png5. Click [Do not optimize]meizu_5.pngEnergy Saver
1. Go to [Settings]
2. Go to the [Battery] section
3. Go to [Energy Saver]
4. Click on Muslim Pro in the battery saver list
5. Turn off [Freeze when in Background] and [Automatically optimize when an abnormally is detected]
6. Re-start your phone 

How to "Set the notifications as priority" for Muslim Pro
Follow this process to set the notifications as priority for the Muslim Pro app so that your notifications will arrive on time. 
1. Go to [Settings]
2. Go to the [Notifications & status bar] section
3 .Go to [Notification Manager] section
4. Click on [Muslim Pro] in the list
5. Turn on [Allow Notifications], [Display on Lockscreen], [Display at the Top of the screen], [Notification Sound and Vibration] and [Priority notification]
6. Re-start your phone 
How to "Select Autostart" for Muslim Pro 
Follow this process to enable the Muslim Pro app to Autostart in your Oppo device.
1. Go to [System Organization]
2. Click on [Security]
3. Select [Privacy permissions]
4. Click on [Startup Manager]
5. Find Muslim Pro and make sure that Autostart is activated for Muslim Pro
Notifications still not working on your device? If the adhan notifications are still not working, are delayed or you see them but have no sound, please check the following article about notifications on Android. If you require further assistance, kindly reach us at
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