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Pokemons are everywhere… Even around Mosques?

Pokemon Go is everywhere!

Pokemon Go is a game available for both iOS and Android devices. Players use their phone GPS to find and collect Pokemons.

And Pokemons are hiding everywhere… Including around Mosques and other religious places.


Pokemons even in Mosques?

Yes! In fact, especially in Asia, many PokeStops are located by a Mosque.

PokeStops are places where players can refill the items needed to collect the Pokemons, therefore making PokeStops a very useful stop in a player’s journey.


Play or Pray?

For all the young Muslim Pokemon Masters: why don’t you walk to the nearby Mosque? You can perform your prayers inside the Mosque and then catch Pokemons around the Mosque!

One last thing: you can either catch Pokemons around the mosque or pray inside, but not both at the same time. Please do not play Pokemon inside Mosques, Prayer rooms or other similar places.

Do remember that Mosques are religious places and not all Muslims are looking for Pokemons. So please don’t disturb others by keeping noise level low and respecting each other 🙂

Apparently you can find a lot of Eevee around Mosques. And who knows, you may end up catching a rare Pokemon 😉

Also do check the Facebook page of the Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore – Darul Arqam Singapore.


Find a mosque nearby

Not interested by Pokemons but looking for a Mosque nearby your location? With the Muslim Pro app you can locate nearby Mosques and learn how to get there.

Not a Muslim Pro user yet? Download the app for Android or iPhone, it’s totally free (and it’s very useful, even if you’re not a Pokemon Master!)

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