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Muslim Pro keeps getting better… and lighter!

Muslim Pro keeps getting better… and lighter!

We’ve just released a new version of Muslim Pro for Android on the Google Play Store, and you may have noticed one major change: the size of the app has been reduced by more than 30%.

The size of the APK file (the file you download to install the app on your phone) went from 31 MB to less than 20 MB (exact size varies according to devices). Thus saving 10 MB of space when downloading or updating the app.


Why it’s important

For many of our users, especially in emerging markets, mobile data is expensive. Each time you’re downloading an app or when you’re updating it, it costs data and therefore money.

By reducing the size of the app, not only did we reduce the time you need to download the app but also the mobile data cost associated. Same goes for the update.


How did we do that?

The Muslim Pro Team has worked a lot on optimising the source code of the app in order to make it more efficient and therefore lighter.

The target was to reduce the size of the app without lowering the performances or compromising any of the features of Muslim Pro.

It was achieved by the team behind the scene. For the Muslim Pro users, there is no difference in the app features.

The app looks the same but it’s taking less time to download and update. And this is a true achievement. Even if it’s not as noticeable as a new feature or a new icon, it’s equally important for our team to help the Muslim Pro users all over the world.


The Muslim Pro Team keeps working on improving the app, not only creating new features but also improving the overall performances of the app. Should you have an issue with the app, you can let us know on our online help center so we can try to help you.

Not a Muslim Pro user yet? Download the app for Android or iPhone, it’s totally free (and now really fast to download).

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