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Top 10 Largest Muslim Populations In The World

Islam is on the verge of becoming the most followed religion in the world. Discover which are the largest Muslim populations on the planet.

#1- Indonesia (231 million Muslims)

Indonesia is one of the most populated country in the world and more than 87% of its inhabitants are Muslims. Thus making Indonesia the #1 Muslim population in the world in terms of Islam followers.


#2- Pakistan (212,3 million Muslims)

Similarly Pakistan has a population of more than 215 million people of which more than 96% are Muslims. It’s a young and fast growing country.


#3 – India (200 million of Muslims)

The second most populated country in the World has a minority of Muslims (less than 15% of the total population). But this minority represents more than 200 million people. And it keeps increasing every year.


Top 10 Countries with the Largest Number of Muslims (2021)



  1. Indonesia (231,000,000)
  2. Pakistan (212,300,000)
  3. India (200,000,000)
  4. Bangladesh (153,700,000)
  5. Nigeria (95,000,000–103,000,000)
  6. Egypt (85,000,000–90,000,000)
  7. Iran (82,500,000)
  8. Turkey (74,432,725)
  9. Algeria (41,240,913)
  10. Sudan (39,585,777)


More than 1 billion Muslims live in Asia

Asia is the most populated region on earth, that’s why so many Asian countries are in the list of the top 10 Muslim populations in the world. Middle-Eastern and North-African countries only account for 20% of the Muslim population.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia are not in the top 10. Despite having a vast majority of Islam followers, their overall population is not as significant as their Asian counterparts.


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