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Four good reasons to use the Muslim Pro app when you travel

No matter where you’re spending your holidays, the Muslim Pro app is the perfect companion for travelling. Here’s 4 reasons why: 


1- Accurate prayer times everywhere

You’ve just arrived in a new country and you’re not familiar with the neighbourhood? Just tap your location on the main page or the Settings page and choose “Locate Me” for the app to automatically locate you.

The app will also calculate prayer times based on the most commonly used settings in your new location (make sure you’ve enabled Auto-settings).


If there are no Auto-settings available or if you wish to use your own settings, please feel free to do so: Learn how to change the prayer time settings here.


2- Qibla compass

In most cases, a new location also means a new direction to the Qibla. But no worries, Muslim Pro comes with a Qibla compass which will always show you the right direction to Mecca.

Having trouble using the Qibla compass in the app? Read our troubleshooting guide. 


3- Halal places and mosques nearby

You may or may not travel to a Muslim country. Depending on where you are, it can be difficult to find halal restaurants and mosques.

Rejoice! The Muslim Pro app will automatically show you halal places and mosques around, based on your current location.


This is the perfect way to find halal food and try local delicacies. It’s also a great way to discover other mosques built in different architecture styles and to learn more about Islam in other countries if you’re travelling overseas. 


4- Duas for travelling

Feeling anxious when travelling? There are some specific duas you can read to help. Just go to the Duas section of the app and look for travel related duas.

Ask for protection during your journey and make sure to thank Allah (SWT) when returning safely to your home.


It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

Ultimately, travelling is a great opportunity to discover new places and new cultures.

The perfect occasion to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Not a Muslim Pro user yet? Download the app for Android or iPhone, it’s totally free (and it’s very useful if you are a Muslim traveller)

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