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Colored Tajweed added to the Quran

The Muslim Pro app just got better

We've added colored Tajweed to help you improve your pronunciation when reading the Quran.

Along with this new feature, we've added a new option to help you select the best Arabic script to read the Quran on your device.


How to activate the Tajweed

By default, the Tajweed is automatically activated for the Quran. If it's not the case, please go into Settings > Quran > Tajweed > Turn ON).

Please note that some Arabic fonts are not compatible with colored Tajweed*. 


New Arabic font for the Quran

We've also added new Arabic font for the Quran for both iOS and Android users. 

  • Android users have the choice between 4 fonts (IndoPak, Uthmani, Compatible, No accents).
  • iOS users have the choice between 3 fonts (IndoPak, Uthmani, No diacritics or symbols)

You can now choose the font best adapted to your device.

For Android Users: some older Android devices may experience issues with the display of Arabic Text. If you have displaying the Arabic Text with your Android devices please select the Arabic font "Compatible".


* The following fonts are not compatible with the Tajweed: Compatible (Android), No accents (Android)
No diacritics or symbols (iOS). 
Selecting one of this font will automatically turn off the Tajweed. If you wish to use the colored Tajweed, do NOT select one of this font. 

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