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The adhan notifications are not working (Huawei)

For Huawei devices

For Muslim Pro users using a Huawei Device (such as P9, P8, Ascend Mate7, Mate 8, Mate 9, Y6 II, GR5 or any similar Huawei devices). 

You need to "protect" the Muslim Pro app from the built-in Power Manager of Huawei which may delay or delete adhan notifications. 


How to protect the Muslim Pro app 

Follow this 4-steps process to protect the Muslim Pro app so that adhan notifications will work on your Huawei device.

1. Go to Settings


2. Go to Protected apps


3 .Select the Muslim Pro app


4. Protect the Muslim Pro app



Notifications still not working on Huawei? 

If the adhan notifications are still not working, are delayed or you see them but have no sound, please check the following article about notifications on Android.

Do you still have an issue with the notifications despite all the checks? You can ask help on our online platform.

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